Friday, March 4, 2011

Foto Artis Agnes Monica " Nice Shoot "

Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica Being plan the Host AMA

Agnes Monica will perform in the U.S. on November 21 next, he says he will be the host for red carpet events AMA (American Music Awards). Agnes Monica will be the first international host the show award.

"Yes, I'll plan to host the red carpet event AMA 2010, this is the first year for them to make any international hosts. It is that I host, as some hosts of the popular over there," she said after the eighth anniversary of Global TV, in JITEC Mangga Dua Square, North Jakarta some time ago.

According to Agnes Monica will be a great opportunity for him. The event itself will be held in one of the largest theater in America. This plan Agnes constantly communicate with their management.

"For me it's one great opportunity for me. The event itself was held on one of the largest theater in there. One of the Biggest American theater there. Waw!." I am what I achieve not only a host, but can actually mingle together reliable producer there. So the red carpet that there will be stagenya. It's still the plan once again. So my brother's remains the same communication the management there about this, "she said.

But talks between management and the management of Agnes Monica in the United States has not fully completed because it is still in talks. In addition to being host Agnes Monica also thoughts to sing a duet there.

"Everything is still in talks, there is actually one of the hosts in there, they were there thoughts to duet singing my song. The problem now, the project / event is not only involve the management I wrote, but there are also involved management. Keep talking about exactly the time when the hell will there, "she concluded

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